Emberton prides itself on providing innovative, and robust guest products consistent with the value and promise of the Emberton brand.

Our development and production department employs a complete quality assurance program, which includes comprehensive local supervision of production. From factory audits to evaluate capacity and capability, through to follow up surveillance visits for incoming materials, initial and during production checks, right through to final inspections and loading supervision.

  • Factory Audits: Capability & Capacity – Production capability, equipment, manpower and capacity is evaluated and assessed.
  • Factory Audit: Social Accountability – Interviews with employees, document reviews and factory tour.
  • Incoming Materials Inspection – Incoming raw materials and components are inspected and tested for quality compliance against contract specification.
  • Pre - Production Inspections - Review of production techniques and process is carried out to ensure product mass production meets agreed quality standards.
  • During Production Inspections - Verification to ensure that any initial discrepancies have been rectified and checks on average quality standard of the bulk manufacture.
  • Final Pre-Shipment Inspection - Systematic physical checks on completed products to provide a reliable, accurate and fair assessment of the average batch quality.
  • Loading Supervision – Supervisory service at time of loading to ensure container condition and correct ordered goods being loaded against agreed loading procedure.
  • Laboratory Testing – Continuous and rapid technical tests on materials and products to ensure compliance with mandatory standards and international regulations.