Innovative Design

Our team of product designers are trained to invent products that put equal weight on form and function. Materials and designs are chosen to create a range of products perfect for every room, from budget options to the most exclusive hotel suite. We also work with hotel staff to consider details like ease of cleaning and storage to match aesthetic appeal with practicality.

From staff to guests, our design process starts and ends with the people that use our products. Sourcing input from professionals in the business, we continually revise and improve our ideas to create products that answer every challenge posed by the industry with simple, intelligent solutions.

The Emberton Difference – Our design principles

Every Emberton product is measured against three key principles. Safety, durability, and innovative design.

Safety – Products made to protect lives

Electrical products are amongst the most complex, and potentially dangerous items supplied to any hotel. With the lives of guests at stake, trust is paramount. Across the world Emberton invest heavily in the electrical engineering and testing process. We start with the inside. From circuit designs, to materials and electrical components, every detail is rigorously evaluated, tested and certified.

We continually question existing technologies to find space for invention and improvement. That approach has led to a number of proprietary safety innovations, like our proprietary Emberton Dual Safe technology. Now a standard feature on most Emberton products, Dual Safe compliments the function of the thermostat to offer an additional safety mechanism. The technology hugely reduces the risk of electrical fires.

We never settle for meeting required safety standards. We consider regulatory standards such as CE, GS, RoHS a minimum requirement. We strive to excel them. The marriage of perfect function with impeccable safety standards has become a hallmark of Emberton design.

Durability – Quality made to last

The life-style of hotel appliances is nothing short of brutal. They are expected to deliver unfailing performance for hundreds of guests, year after year. To meet those demands, our testing processes are nothing short of relentless. Materials, components and final products are tested to perform far beyond what would be expected of standard domestic electrical appliances. We test products through thousands of cycles. The long warranties offered with all Emberton products are testimony to their unique durability.